Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Love Letter to Mom

Mother, Mommy, and then my Mom



Gram’s love

Sunday School at Hope Lutheran

Summer camp where I learned to love Jesus

Swimming at Aunt Julie’s, Drive-in movies and Kennywood Park

Best cook in the world—homemade sauce & meatballs, grape leaves & stuffed olives

Anise bread for the holidays

Mancini’s Bread every day, provolone cheese and Beto’s pizza

Rough years in Jr. High, temper tantrums too

Carnegie Assembly of God got me straightened out

Apology letters to each other. Do you remember those notes we’d write?

Confidante in High School. Bruce, being at Gram’s house, love & graduation. Median School. My first car!

A new beau, this Allen from Virginia

How will you support my daughter you asked?? A ring and a promise to care for me

No worries Mom cos I’m sure he’s the One and I’m going to be Ok

Allen, my lover, my soul has been all that and more

Leaving behind Pittsburgh and my family…job in DC is calling--despair

Baby on the way, JD the blonde haired blue eyed peanut. You all came to take care of me. Colicky child #1

Toddler and Bethany kicking in the womb. Again you came. A boy and a girl, both within 2 years; colic again!

Maryland, the good years. Inner Harbor…you keeping the kids for weeks in the summer!

Bethany’s dance recital, a memory for sure. Fleetwood, Oley, Vacation in St. Pete. Riding out the hurricane and Universal Studios—we all jumped!

More trips back & forth with Megz in tow. Wave pool, Hershey Park. Yay!

Kids are growing up too fast. High schoolers now and graduation looms.

2004—JD graduates; 2005—B graduates. Colleges far away. Heartache over Jordan. Missing Bethany.

Our relationship is changing; Can you feel it? What can I say? I’m a grown woman too. Not always on the same page, but the love is always there Mom, it’s always been there. Respect and love. Remember that you pointed me to Jesus. Remember that you loved me no matter what I did or said. And I love you all the more…


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