Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O Holy Night

Well, not exactly O Holy Night, but a happy night indeed. Bethany arrived here in South Carolina this past Sunday. Tomorrow night, or Christmas Eve, is when we pick up Jordan at GSP airport. Although our time together will be short, we're going to make the best of it. A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Jingle All the Way, silly games, Wii and pictures by the tree.
The time before Jordan's flight arrived was eventful. You see, we drove around Greenville for more than 30 minutes trying to find a decent place to dine as his flight was not due in until 9:15 pm! What we learned that night was that very few good restaurants stay open on Christmas Eve. And even fewer cater to last minute chow hounds needing a "vegetarian fix" like Bethany did. We settled for Indian Palace on Lauren's Road. Was this akin to Ralphie's family eating Peking Duck on Christmas day? Maybe just a little. The Palace's menu featured an entire page of vegetarian choices which we though would be a good thing. However, Bethany ordered an entree full of curry that reminded her of a bad food poisoning incident in Kenya--the one where she got sick from eating nasty Ethiopian goat. No offense to Ethiopian cuisine intended here.
Fast forward to December 29th. Christmas has now come and gone. The Ziegler family managed to squeeze in hugs, lots of loving and plenty of vegetarian side dishes. Jordan is now back in PA and is hard at work. Bethany is heading out tomorrow for Kentucky to celebrate New Year's Eve before her next semester at ACC starts. Dad & I loved having both kids home and can't wait until we are all together again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update on my 101

Here is a very boring update on my 101 list. I have been flossing once a day now like, for real. Isn't that exciting? My dentist will thank me one day.
However, it is exciting to me that my teenage friend Rachel has now started her very own 101 in 1001 days. I cannot wait to read it. I have heard through the grapevine that she too wants to go skydiving OR jump out of an airplane wearing a parachute. She also insists that she goes for this adventure "tandem" with an instructor.
My best friend Sonja who lives in Florida, went skydiving several years ago. Thus, this crazy idea stuck in my brain. For Sonja though, she will never, ever skydive again. Upon landing, she broke her ankle in several places and had to have screws put in place to fix the break. Okay, call me crazy but I guess I am willing to risk a badly broken ankle. I will however be praying nonstop that we stick the landing just right, if and when I get up the nerve to jump. Her instructor had never had an accident before and took care of all of her medical bills though. I went to visit Sonja after the surgery and we joyfully paraded through Wal-mart on the motorized geezer cart with her crutches in tow. You would not believe the nasty looks we got from the elderly and infirm. Well, that's another story. Until next time, breathe. And Rachel, if you're serious, maybe we just "do it" together when we get up the nerve.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a Virgo but I'm also...

While shopping in downtown Greenville I bought myself a magnet describing my zodiac sign (Virgo) and the supposed negative qualities I possess. Being a Virgo simply means I was born between August 24th and September 23. I don't like the sound of the negative adjectives used to describe me and my fellow Virgos. Virgoes?

A Virgo is the Virgin. Whatever. She is overcritical. Fussy. Pedantic. Indecisive. Shrewd. Annoying. Bi#@chy. Always complaining. Who me? Anal-retentive. Hmmm. And the top 3 words used to describe us are and I quote, "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE and ARGUMENTATIVE. Now wait just a bleeping minute here. I think that I object to many of these words. After all, wouldn't you? This is certainly not a complimentary list in my opinion. What about all of the positive, constructive we possess? Then it hit me. There must be another magnet out there, a positive magnet for a Virgo. Behold my other half.
Observant. Dedicated. Sympathetic. Creative. Organized (not very often). Reliable. Analytical. Kind. Sensual. Efficient. Witty. I do like that one. Helpful. Charming. Thoughtful. Industrious. Compassionate and the winningest title, *Sexy as Hell.*

As one who does not read my horoscope or follow astrology, I can probably just say goodbye for now. I guess its not all bad being a Virgo. Until next time, breathe.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ziegler Family Faves

J & B as Cowboys, Mom with big 80's hair.

Some traditions are just worth talking about. Christmas traditions are always fun to talk about because each family's are uniquely their own. We Zieglers have worked hard to keep some specific traditions alive year after year. Here's a brief rundown of what we do, what we refuse to do and what we hope to do in the future:
1. We cut down a real live tree, usually a member of the fir family. We use either a hack saw or a chain saw if we want to cause a scene-- (some tree farms refuse to let you cut down their trees, but Daddy-O is very persuasive).
2. Before we pick the tree we walk around the entire tree farm and invariably come back to the first trees we looked at. Some years we "mark" our territory by draping a scarf over the tree branches lest we forget where we started our trail. Bread crumbs would also work in the woods as they did for Hansel & Gretel.
3. Dad is in charge of putting the lights on the tree, but Mom must also look over his shoulder to make sure he hasn't missed any branches. And then Mom criticizes Dad's handiwork one time too many...
4. Jordan, Bethany & Denine decorate the tree because Dad's work is done once the lights are on the tree.
5. We watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation while decorating the tree. Our favorite lines from this movie are, "Say the blessing," and "Clark, he's got a little leg hound in him so it's best to just let Snots finish once he gets started." One of Dad's personal favorites is, "The shitter was full."
6. We attend Christmas Eve service together and come home to dine on a buffet of appetizers. Friends are usually invited over for games and we let Jordan & Bethany open one stocking stuffer present just before bed.
7. We typically buy Christmas pajamas for the entire family to wear Christmas morning. We stay in our pj's for most of the day.
8. Again, referring to food we fix a sausage, egg, and cheese casserole for breakfast called JB's Victorian Delight. Some years Jordan begs for homemade sticky buns.
9. We take turns playing Santa every year. Santa is in charge of passing out all the presents. Santa must also wear the required Steeler's Santa hat.
10. We travel to either Pittsburgh, Virginia or Indiana nearly every year. This may be the first year we will be home for X-mas and New Year's.
11. Mama Z. cries every Christmas morning. Sometimes this is a direct response to receiving bling bling. Other times I'm just so happy that we're all together for the holidays.
12. Daddy uses the best adjectives of all when opening his presents. Adjectives such as: excellent, amazing, phenomenal and OUTSTANDING!
Well, I've talked alot about what we do or have done. I suppose I will conclude by saying that we've decided to visit our kids when they are away from home with children of their own, our grandbabies that is. We'll traveling the highways and byways to see our chillins. We will resist the temptation to play Scrooge and cry Ba humbug.