Monday, November 16, 2009

My 101 in 1001 Days

My daughter Bethany and her friends have decided to set 101 goals to be accomplished within 1001 days. Lofty yes, but it got me thinking too because I have not set many realistic goals for my life in the past years. I jokingly wrote a bucket list but that was short and somewhat "fluffy." So, thanks to my baby girl, I will write out My 101 in 1001 Days. Wish me luck or say a prayer as I endeavor to meet these goals. I hope to know myself better after this and to be the person God intends me to become. This is big, really big.

  1. Get some of my work published again in devotional or other format
  2. Bake healthy loaves of bread in my bread machine on a regular basis
  3. Get 30 minutes of exercise 3+ days a week
  4. Learn to play progressive rummy even if it kills me
  5. Get over my fear of failure and try new things no matter how much it embarrasses me
  6. Jump out of an airplane without breaking any bones upon landing
  7. Tell my husband I love him every day
  8. Learn some conversational Italian and/or Spanish
  9. Go to Italy to visit my relatives before it is too late
  10. Truly love those who have wronged me or my family...and then pray blessings for them
  11. Read the stacks of books beside my bed and then pass them on
  12. Accept my body for what is it; accept my looks and grow old gracefully & avoid plastic surgery
  13. Cultivate a deep sense of peace and contentment, knowing that GOD is in control
  14. Refuse to let my physical ailments define who I am and what I can do
  15. Sing again in church or other group
  16. Learn to use all of the features on my iPod, computer and cell phone
  17. Be able to take naps at any time, any place, like my husband
  18. Learn to grow indoor plants and develop a "green thumb," rather than a "black one"
  19. Wear only the clothes in my closet that fit; give away the rest. Same with shoes I never wear
  20. Blog, blog, blog...
  21. Collect sea glass every time I go to the beach and make something beautiful out of these pieces
  22. Love unconditionally because God first loved me
  23. Work on my critical spirit~ask the Holy Spirit to help me with this one
  24. Try scuba diving at least once simply because Allen enjoys it
  25. Go on a short-term mission trip outside the USA
  26. Support missionaries and sponsor a child through CMF
  27. Decide what I want to be when I grow up!!!!!!!!! A medical assistant or something better?
  28. Keep in touch with out of town friends in PA, Maryland, etc. Send cards to those girlfriends!
  29. Switch to fair-trade coffee (got that one from Bethany)
  30. Eat more whole grains, fruits and veggies
  31. Wear sunscreen on my face and hands every day, not just sometimes
  32. Learn to make an incredible Tiramisu!
  33. Go grey (gray) just to see what my hair really looks like without all the harmful color and highlights. This will be a major challenge as you can imagine--I am working on this now. Please do not be shocked!
  34. Give to the poor in my community/serve them as often as I can
  35. See no race or color. See people only as God sees them
  36. Read my Bible more often and memorize scripture
  37. Be more politically aware and write my senators and leaders when it is important to speak up
  38. Tell my son & daughter that I love them every day
  39. Build bridges in any broken relationships I have in my life. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff
  40. Join the YMCA again
  41. Invite people into our new home and practice hospitality
  42. Organize my office and papers that clutter my life~
  43. Give away any books I do not need
  44. Switch to organic or natural cosmetics & hair care products that are not tested on animals
  45. Get an old, scruffy dog. Yeah, what Beth said.
  46. Learn to drive, park and tie up the boat all by myself! Did this 3 times last weekend. Yahoo!
  47. Visit Chicago and maybe get tickets for the Oprah show-going to Chicago end of Oct. No Oprah tickets!
  48. Visit Brian in northern VA
  49. Watch the sunrise over Lake Greenwood
  50. Update my calendar yearly with the birthdays of friends and family
  51. Take more pictures and put them into photo albums
  52. Help out in a soup kitchen more than just once in a blue moon
  53. Babysit for a couple or single mom who cannot afford a sitter
  54. Clean a friend's house just because--I like cleaning so this one was easy. Thanks Jenny!
  55. Lose 10+ pounds. Oh, that's just depressing!
  56. Spend time getting to know the teens in my church and the seniors too
  57. Visualize World Peace
  58. Help Aunt Lori move to South Carolina in 2009--May happen in 2010.
  59. Help my inlaws move to South Carolina in 2009--May happen in 2010. Neither have house on market.
  60. Attend and celebrate Bethany's college graduation in 2009!
  61. Learn to bite my tongue a little more often
  62. Never go to bed angry if I can help it...or don't let the sun go down on my anger...
  63. Really keep a journal; it doesn't matter how often I write just so I write
  64. Make batches of homemade meatballs and Italian soup more often
  65. Get back on my bicycle so I can enjoy rides with my hubby
  66. Work at listening and not interrupting others when they have something to say
  67. Dream big dreams for Jordan and Bethany and believe God for the outcome!
  68. Be a good parent and a better friend to my children
  69. Kiss my husband good night whenever possible!
  70. Watch all of our Rob Bell nooma DVD's
  71. Give flowers to a friend who is sad or lonely
  72. Camp out under the stars for a night
  73. Stop biting my nails when I am stressed out or nervous
  74. Floss at least once a day
  75. Use the good china for everyday meals, not just special occasions like X-mas or Easter
  76. Shop for a month using only cloth or reuseable bags
  77. Tip a waiter or waitress who really tried to get my order right but didn't for whatever reason
  78. Go for a glider ride
  79. Take a cooking class with Allen
  80. Stop all ordering stuff via the internet for one month--done this summer it was tough.
  81. Replace old lightbulbs in the house with newer energy efficient ones
  82. Visit Asheville, NC and Athens, GA soon!
  83. Practice gentle yoga and meditation
  84. Get up and sing a karaoke song
  85. Catch fish in Lake Greenwood and throw em back. I've caught one fish so far all summer!
  86. Make stuffed grape leaves, lebanese style
  87. Attend a Clemson, USC or Georgia football game--USC game Oct 10th, 2009 going with Kevin &Julie!!
  88. Make a snow angel while living in SC
  89. Read Pride and Prejudice again and other Jane Austen classics
  90. Start working crossword puzzles again to stimulate my brain
  91. Get to know Ashley better and pray for the best in her life
  92. Take my own sunset picture over Lake Greenwood and frame it
  93. Take a meal to a neighbor
  94. Find a used elliptical machine I love
  95. Recycle as much as I can
  96. Learn to laugh at Myself!
  97. Shop at my local produce stands and farmer's markets
  98. Tell my niece how much Jesus loves her! I am praising God that Baleigh asked Jesus into her heart in 09.
  99. Participate in a Walk for Life or Relay for Breast Cancer awareness
  100. Write a love letter to Mom--
  101. Post this on my blog~P.S. I roasted my own salty & delicious pumpkin seeds too.

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Paul Crutcher said...

I am really loving your list. 84 should be fun. I'll expect an invitation to this event. Maybe you and Z could sing a duet?