Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall from Grace

Hate crimes are alive and well in America. Everyone knows this and we should not tolerate it. What sickens me even more is seeing or hearing hatred preached in the church universal. I must remind myself to pray for this gentleman Fred Phelps, even as he calls himself a christian. He has been head pastor at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas for more than 40 years. Christianity has a bad enough rap without the Phelps family doing more damage. This family protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers; they rally against homosexuals; they say that IED bombs are God's judgment and never once offer a way of salvation or repentance. Hate is all they know. God will not be mocked and I truly feel sorry for the thousands they have offended with their message. It is not a message of love or a message that would have ever come from Jesus' lips. You can watch the entire documentary entitled, "Fall from Grace" on netflix.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jump for Joy

Today, I will experience joy. Hmm, much thought is given to what brings a person joy or even peace for that matter. What brings me joy? Who or what bring me lasting peace? God does. And even though I am on a quest for both of these qualities in my life, the joy that rises in my spirit from the simplest of pleasures usually comes from the following:
1. Laughter, the best medicine!
2. Singing in the car at the top of my lungs
3. A beautiful rainbow, sunrise or sunset. All reflect God's magnificence.
4. The smell of freshly ground coffee
5. Chocolate cake or a piece of dark chocolate
6. Sand beneath my feet and between my toes!
7. Kisses from my husband
8. My Toms
9. God's Word
10. The warmth of sunshine on my face
11. Great movies
12. Best friends
13. Playing, playing, playing without abandon
14. Italian food
15. Lavender
16. Beautiful music that makes me cry
17. Carolina blue skies

So, I've come up with 17 things that give me glimpses of joy. Are there more? Of course. You may not necessarily agree with my list, but consider today what brings you the most joy. Really,
do have a joyful day. And until next time, breathe.