Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Fever

I'm quite honestly a "summer," not a spring, fall or winter person. This week here in Greenwood we finally had some fall like days complete with morning fog, dew, rain and temps in the 50's. And if I'm being honest, I have been complaining that lake recreation has come to an end. I'm also lamenting the fact that I have been indoors on the days that are most gorgeous and 80 degrees. Many of you know that our daughter Bethany came home last weekend to celebrate her 21st birthday. It was a great time of BBQ, laughter and fall traditions. You see, Bethany is all about Autumn and has been for many years. Having a late October birthday fits her personality to a tee. So, when I speak of fall, or even think of fall, I see my daughter carving a huge Jack-0-lantern on the floor of my kitchen. She takes care to gather every pumpkin seed so she can roast them in the oven and sprinkle them with salt and/or seasonings. Last weekend she came through with delicious cinnamon and sugar pumpkin seeds! I'm afraid Bethany's love for Autumn is rubbing off on me. Just today, I whipped up a huge batch of Roasted Sweet Potato & Apple soup, italian herb focaccia bread and a crockpot full of Beef Vegetable soup. To top it off, I found myself craving some of her delicious cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds. I think there's a pumpkin or two in my future. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!