Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to my weekly rant!

Some days there are just too many thoughts floating around in this head of mine. Good thoughts, bad thoughts and completely random thoughts. For instance, if I could be anyone in history right now I would choose to be Dave Barry, cranking out witty commentaries for a syndicated paper. Since that position is no longer available I have to decided to include a weekly "rant" here on my blog. And I will touch on subjects likely to challenge your thinking and/ or provoke you (hopefully, not to anger), but you get my point.
So, get ready because I am about post my first rant. I hope you come along for the ride and as always feel free to leave me your comments.
Should we in your opinion honor the position of President of the United States, even when we do not agree with his policies? I am merely talking about giving honor or paying respect here folks. I certainly am not an Obama fan but I do not think hearing one speech from our President would have scarred my children for life. And I do believe in teaching our young people to respect those in authority--police officers, soldiers, etc. This week President Obama addressed school children in a speech and parents had the right to keep their kids out of school so as to avoid liberal indoctrination. Hot button, right? It's just one of the things I have been thinking about this week because several friends & relatives brought up the subject ad nauseam.
I leave you with this. Think it over and get back to me. And by all means, please don't shoot the messenger.

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