Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Passing...

We have lost 2 dear souls in the past 24 hours. One was a man neither of us knew personally, but we share the grief the Senn family feels right now. (Craig Senn works with Allen at ID Shop.)
Today, our dear neighbor Alvin Putnam passed into eternity. We got to visit Alvin and his wife Ina about 3 weeks ago when he was on the CCU unit of Self-Regional Hospital for fluid build-up around his heart, lungs and overall weakness. Alvin was a good neighbor, the kind who appreciated the small gestures in life. He touched our lives while we lived in the Driftwood community.
Craig Senn's dad, Bill Senn, had a stroke yesterday. He was taken off of the ventilator and died today. Mr. Senn leaves behind a wife, family and grandchildren. He passed around 11:25 this morning.
Mr. Putnam left this earth around 1pm. His wife and son were with him during this time. His wife is now in a fragile state herself.
I can't help but wonder if either man met Jesus as he took his final breath. Jesus is never too late; nor is he ever far away when you need Him the most. All He asks is that you call on his name. Please pray for the Senn and Putnam families this week as funeral preparations are underway. Family members will be coming in from the state and from far away places. Pray that Jesus was a friend who was present at the very end, an end that was really only the beginning of an eternal life. Pray that the families who are left experience Christ's love in a real way. Two dear souls passing each other within a matter of minutes. Because no one is guaranteed another day, let alone another hour, please tell those closest to you, "I Love You."

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