Monday, June 1, 2009

Top Ten things I've learned living in SC

Okay, so my husband keeps telling me that I have picked up on a lot of southern ways in the 19+ plus months we have lived here in SC. He also keeps teasing me and telling me that I need to blog about my transition from a D*@!*%$n Yankee to Carolina Girl. I know full well that I will never be fully accepted as a "southerner," but I'm fine with it. People here have been very welcoming and I love the friendliness or southern hospitality. I love it when my bank teller asks, "What else can I do for you Mrs. Ziegler?" Frankly, it is one quality I find missing in my northern counterparts. So, here in Dave Letterman fashion is my Top Ten List for the South:
1. It's never Hi or Hello; It is always Heyyyyyyy. Howyadoin?
2. Steak and baked potatoes are a big deal, especially when served with ranch dressing/aka special sour cream.
3. It is impolite to blow your horn while driving behind an idiot. Nope, no matter what, do not lay on that horn. People glare you for acting like a Yankee!
4. It is however, common courtesy to wave to perfect strangers on the street or on the lake as you pass each other on your boats, Sea-Doo or other watercraft vehicles.
5. SC is divided into 2 camps: USC fans and Clemson fans. Upon moving to SC one must immediately declare loyalty to a college team--I will refrain from telling you which team I chose.
6. Mud-bogging. Pickup trucks. Big pickup trucks with monster truck wheels.
7. Shag dancing is something to be learned; one cannot fake these dance moves for very long.
8. Rebel Flags, American Flags and South Carolina flags abound. Not always in this order.
9. It is imperative that you learn how to mash a button. It is also good to know that you are "fixin to do something or fixin to go somewhere." These are very important phrases.
10. It is either Ya'll or Y'all depending on whether you imply all ya'll or y'all. All you all know what I mean.
I could go on, but these are just a few observations. Of course I do realize that BBQ is king down here, as is hash, shrimp and grits, sweet tea, pimento cheese, corn bread, black eyed peas, collards and the like. Good stuff and I am grateful to be here in the land of Dixie!


boom trucks said...

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Denine Z said...

Thanks for your comment. Is Boom Trucks the site for reselling trucks or do you have another site?

Heather said...

you like usc or we are not friends.

#10 should have read "y'all know what i mean."

LOVE IT! all things we take for granted here in the south.

Paul Crutcher said...

I still press buttons. I am learning to mash but it still causes a slight twitch.

Kevin said...

Well, Denine it looks like your a southern girl now. After looking at the food choices you posted I'll stick with the good ole northeast. We don't honk up here we tailgate and then pass when we get a chance. We are a bit rude when it comes to driving, makes us feel european. Enjoy dixie

Karen said...

And when it's coming up a cloud you can put up the hose pipe..Important things to know! And, I have no loyalty to either Clemson or Carolina and was born and raised here!And yes my 82 year old Aunt killed 7 chickens and butchered them on Mother's Day...Wait maybe I'm REDNECK! LOL