Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Friends & Family

Last week John's family arrived from California. My husband was quickly inducted into the family, Mi Familia, as they say in Spanish. No matter how you say it, families are great fun.

John's family includes Mama Luz, Dad Alfonso, brother Marcos, niece Trini and nephew Giovanni-(I hope I am spelling names correctly here). Allen was taught the fine art of making homemade tortillas by Marcos. He came home with the secret recipe, a bag of special flour and the charge to make homemade tortillas often!

Our family is growing and changing as well. Erintitus has arrived, a recent college grad and Bethany's Kenya partner. Erin will be spending her summer with us here on Lake Greenwood. Even though it is only June 18th, the summer fun is well under way. I've a feeling we're in for some boating, tubing, tortilla parties and a whole lot of laughter. And did I mention trips to WH? Mi casa es su casa.


karen said...

New family... I love it!

Heather said...

si. i need an invite.