Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recycled Bags Gone Wild!

Would it be fair to say that I have a plethora of recycled grocery bags? I'm seriously wondering if I should give some of my bags away to someone in need. My bag collection started simply enough with an adorable red Piggly Wiggly bag! For only .99 it was hard to pass up such a bargain in light of saving the environment. A second bag was purchased at Walmart, the Evil Empire and 4 more followed from Corley's, our local meat market. Allen generally carries the 2 from Corley's in his car. And then a funny thing happened. I received 2 oversized plastic shopping bags as a Christmas present. These two bags are my favorite because they are the size of department store shopping bag. They hold the most stuff in the best way. These bags came from Pier 1 and have catchy prints on them including the Eiffel Tower and various other landmarks. Sleek, stylish and durable. I realize I am name dropping here, but it is unintentional
I love irony. So, all told I have accumulated close to 15 bags. One from the wine store has 6 dividers in it just in case you feel the need to purchase 6 bottles at one time. Another bag reads, Nature's Remedies. While in Pittsburgh last month I purchased a great black and gold Steelers tote.

Recycling bags run amok I tell you. I have lined them all up in my living room and it is ridiculous. If I am at a store and happen to forget to carry in my collection of earth bags, I will probably buy another just because I am that anti "plastic" these days. Forgetting my bags? This realistically should never happen since they have taken over my car, but it does actually happen. I'm beginning to think an intervention might be in order. Would anyone like to borrow a tote?


Heather said...

i have like 7!!! i got some for christmas too!

Chris Cep said...

I probably have a dozen! And I'm always proud of myself when I REMEMBER to take them into the store. It has cut down on my plastic bag impact, but I have to admit there have been plenty of times I got all the way to the checkout and just gave in to laziness and let the evil empire have it's way. LOL!