Monday, April 6, 2009

Cross this off my 101

Well I have achieved the unthinkable. I have kept my Christmas Poinsettia alive since early December. I have also managed to NOT kill my Peace Lily plant for 18 months. I received another new houseplant last month and I can say, so far so good. If seems that if I water my plants only once a week or whenever they are "dry" that that live! With my daughter and husband as my witness I normally have the blackest of black thumbs. It's gotten to the point where my husband is sick and tired of looking at the enormous red Poinsettia sitting in the hallway. He has just about asked me to let it die a quiet and peaceful death, but I am not ready to commit planticide. I think I will give it one more month and then determine whether or not to pull the plug. Sounds awful doesn't it? 
As for the Peace Lily and the newest member of our plant family, long may they live.  I am working on this green thumb and hereby cross #  18 off of my list. Goodbye black thumb.


The Swell Guy said...

Planticide...hmmm...very funny!

Bethany said...

Planticide... bahahahaha!

Paula said...

Plant the poinsetta outside somewhere -- it should thrive, especially in your climate; and it will grow verdant green leaves. They only get red when forced or because the winter days grow shorter.