Monday, April 6, 2009

101 in 1001 Days update

Greetings.  I can say that I have been working on my 101 list to a certain extent. Part of my problem lies in finding the time just to blog on a regular basis. So this is a partial update. 

#18  Goodbye black thumb--see today's blog. 
#36  Read Bible more and memorize scripture. Still a challenge but I am making progress!
#40  Join the Greenwood YMCA again.  We joined 2 months ago.
#49  Sunrise over Lake Greenwood. The picture you see as my header was taken by me! 
#70  Watched all Rob Bell DVD's. Ready to do it all over again.
#88  Okay this one may be hard to believe but I made a snow angel in SC. I have a picture of it on my camera phone but won't share it. 
#95  I'm becoming a recycling fool. We have two bins in the garage; one for paper & one for plastics.

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Heather said...

let's go work out at the y!!! we joined this week.