Monday, April 6, 2009

How Do I Look?

Shopping at Thrift stores has become something of an obsession. I refuse to buy a lot of new clothing at full price until I lose one dress size. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. But I did want to share this lovely outfit that Clinton & Stacy from What Not to Wear would probably hate. This is what I call my bargain basement attire. Bethany take note: shoes are brand new $12; capris $9; red linen shirt $9; necklace $4; white tank .50 cents. I think that about covers it. I'm learning alot about the value of a buck this way. 

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Paula said...

You look great! Love the outfit! I just bought my ordination dress at Designer Consigner, a 2nd hand place a couple blocks away.

I'll have to catch up on your blog sometime soon. Now, I need to go home and get some rest before coming back to the church by 9:30 for another 12 hour day tomorrow. Gotta love Holy Week! :)