Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tofu Debate Continues

Last month we were officially introduced to the world of tofu. Jordan eats it often as a vegan. Bethany cooked it up approximately 2 times while she was home for Christmas break. Now, last night for the first time in history--I fixed a vegetable stir-fry with tofu as our "meat/protein" substitute. We ate it and I really can't say we suffered any ill effects. It blended right in. It was good. Now my next endeavor is to make a silken Chocolate Moo-Less pie. Heather swears it is delicious and you cannot tell it is tofu (as opposed to yogurt or cream cheese, let's say). My husband believes in Chocolate wholeheartedly, but not chocolate and tofu together. So folks we have ourselves a throw-down. Watch out Bobby Flay.
Updates to follow as the Tofu Debate continues.

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The Swell Guy said...

You so funny! Chocolate, Yes!! Chocolate & Tofu, Wrong!