Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Pounds of Fleshly Sin...

Pastor Dave suggested a New Year's resolution that really has me thinking. Actually, this same resolution also terrified me. Let me explain. Pastor Dave suggested the life-changing resolution that believers lose 5 pounds of fleshly sin in 2009. How amazing would that be for the congregation at NC? For the kingdom as a whole?
I'll be real here. Losing 5 pounds of body weight is easy for some; not so for me. I'd have to walk or run, cut my carb intake and drink tons of water to reach this goal. But to spiritually lose those extra 5 pounds of sin would entail a much greater sacrifice on my part. I would in essence be laying down the sins that so easily beset me. I ask myself-am I up to this weight loss challenge? If I as an individual focus on this goal, will I not have a greater impact on the kingdom and others? And if we as a body focus on this goal, would we not see greater victories in the spirit? In the lives of each other? I believe wholeheartedly that answer is Yes and Amen. And again back to the real issue at hand; not five pounds of bodily flesh, but the spiritual flesh that is constantly at war in my life as a Christ follower. The flesh that holds me back from being all that God wants me to be.
Would I be willing to lay aside anything that hinders my walk and to let him trim the excess? To allow Him access to areas *(sin) in my life that I cling onto, saying, "Lord, you may work on this area of my life, but NOT THIS ONE, or THAT ONE either."
God help me, as my prayer becomes this: May 2009 be the year I surrender my pride most of all; my anger that rears its ugly head almost daily; my cloak of self-righteousness; my "selfishness" in wanting to be right all of the time; and my fear, doubt and anxiety over issues I cannot control. These are just a few of the areas the Holy Spirit detected in my life. So, I will go under the knife this year as He wills. To God be the glory for the great things He has done and will do.

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Anonymous said...

If we are honest with ourselves,we could all do well to try the same. Thanks, Jeff