Monday, February 1, 2010

Gray is the New Blonde

This first photo is a picture of myself and my daughter Bethany taken just last week. The picture below that is one of me with slightly more hair, and a lot of blonde highlights. Notice anything different? And Bethany is sporting a great celebrity style herself.

I did it!!! I let the grays come in and faced my biggest fear (well, one of my biggest fears). I was tired of coloring my hair every 3 weeks and touching up roots even more often than that. I thank my dear husband for his encouragement during this process. I thank Donna who got me to blonde in the first place and I thank Page for the highlighting sessions. It has been a hilarious journey, filled with advice from friends who told me that they would never stop dyeing their hair. Well, girls I am living proof that it can be done.

I hereby cross #33 off of my 101 List. I will probably let my hair grow out a little longer but so far nothing beats the 2 minutes it takes me to wash & style this spiked, funky hairdo!!