Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grill Master Special with Friends!

We love big, honking cheeseburgers in Greenwood. The bigger, the better! And if it's a pure beef burger we whoop and holler!

So, two weeks ago me and my All Girl Posse: Page, Karen & Kathy hit The Grill Master on Montague Avenue. Here's the lowdown on our Cheeseburger Plate Specials:

Burgers were soooo good. Pickles were requested by Kathy, Page, Denine.
Karen stated that pickles are not a normal condiment in the South, so you have to ask for them. Ha! So let me start with Karen's notes:
Her cheeseburger was perfectly cooked on a lightly toasted bun. She ordered her Special all the way, with onions. "There was no slippage due to excess mayo this time. Her fries were served hot, but then they got a little soggy after the fact. Sweet Tea was truly southern-style, aka syrupy sweet." Karen could not finish her meal.

Page ordered burger plate with half & half. She said, "the onion rings were great and I was the only one to try them. My burger was really good. The server brought me pickles on the side as requested. I ate all of the burger! I had to ask for pickles, the burger had a lot of mayonnaise on it, but the fries weren't salty enough."

Kathy showed great restraint today and ordered only a cheeseburger! She requested her burger well-done and it was just right (no pink meat showing). She too liked the slightly toasted bun. "My toppings included chopped onions, extra pickles which were delicious, and crisp lettuce. No cons for this meal."

Denine fell for the Cheeseburger Plate with fries, and a Coke. "I do think this is my favorite burger so far, in part because of the real beef patty and toasted bun. My fries were amazingly hot, but not crispy enough. I chose lettuce, mayo, mustard and pickles and then added a squirt of ketchup to complete my burger. I am ashamed to admit that I gobbled the entire burger, but left a lot of fries on my plate."

Grill Master offers a Drive-Thru window and the workers go out of their way to get your order right, even for finicky customers like my All-Girl Posse. Again, no cons here except for the less than crispy fries.

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