Monday, May 25, 2009

Soy Beans vs Bacon

I am married to a wonderful man. A man who loves all things pork. He commonly refers to himself as a "carnivore" and anyone who knows my man is well acquainted with his quest for Baconnaise. Last week his shipment of Baconnaise arrived. We made BLT sandwiches that night that were delicious in an unhealthy fashion. Prior to dinner I asked my man what he'd like to have to go along with our Baconnaise BLT delights and to my surprise, he suggested Edamame, the soybean steamed and salted in it's original form. No tofu or tofurkey for him, but edamame is okay. This paradox right here is one of the reasons I love this man. Let's just say he consumed more edamame that night than bacon or bacon-flavored dressing. Yep, I love my carnivore!


Paul Crutcher said...

We blogging brothers love this kind of behind the scenes insight. Keep up the good work!

The Swell Guy said...

Balance. It's all about balance, baby!