Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dad is Great

I'd like to follow-up on my week long birthday celebration so if you'll just bear with me, I'll make this brief:

First of all, root canals are of the devil! But and this is a big but, pain meds and antibiotics are truly miraculous.

Having said all that, I have not had the best week. Somehow I managed to develop an infection and/or mouth sores from all of that dental work. And so going to the dentist reminds me of Mr. Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is one of my all time favorite comedians. While on pain meds two of his best routines came to mind. Nearly everyone has heard his infamous take on going to the dentist. "Mybba lip iz in my lap! Mybliiipizmybylap." Now he says rinse to cover his mistake of the drill slipping.

After my grueling 3 hours in the dental chair, I drove to the pharmacy to pick up said miracle drugs. I arrived home in pain as the novacaine had already worn off. I dragged myself to the sofa and popped some pills. When I awoke, my darling husband of 24 years was in the kitchen preparing a gourmet dinner for us to celebrate my birthday. I'll admit it was hard to think about food, any kind of food. But there he was seasoning filet mignon, baked potatoes and vegetables. And to top it off he had stopped by the Piggly Wiggly for a birthday cake. Not just any birthday cake, but a small, round double-layer chocolate cake with coconut icing. I started singing another Bill Cosby classic, "Dad is great, give us the chocolate cake." Oh yeah, my Man, now he's the greatest.

Until next time, breathe.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Bethany said...

You besta saved me a piece of dat' der birfday cake!
I know you stashed some in the freezer!