Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Up at 6 am

My husband can tell you I'm not a morning person. Well, not a morning person in the sense that I long to rise at the crack of dawn and get my day going. No, I'm more of a lounge in bed person while my hubby puts on the coffee, takes his shower and does man stuff. However, if he turns on too many lights or bangs around a bit while he's getting ready, I'm DONE FOR!!! So, my mind immediately starts racing and the mental "to do list" begins....That's how this morning was. Alarm went off. Hubby hit the snooze button. 7 or 9 minutes later the alarm dings again. So, I laid in bed for a few sweet minutes and said hello to Jesus and thank him for another day of life. I pray for my friends who are struggling in many ways. I pray for my children, all 3 of them. The songs of Jesus Culture begin to make their way into the fiber of my being and I'm up. 6:45 am is early for me folks. But so far, it's been a productive morning. Blogging is just part of what I've got on tap for the day. Laundry has been loaded into the washer. Other load in the dryer. Bed is made. Dishes washed.
It's Wednesday and that means it's my Meals on Wheels delivery day. Ministry opportunity day. 67 degrees and sunny and I have the awesome privilege of spending time with some Greenwood shut-ins and an elderly widower whose great-grand daughter died tragically three weeks ago. All I'm doing is handing out food and giving a few hugs and some loving. But it's a great way to spend my morning and it makes me realize that early mornings sometimes turn into the best kind of days. Until next time...breathe.

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Tim Joe Comstock said...

I like the new look! Particularly the muted symbolism of the telephone.

"All I'm doing is handing out food and giving a few hugs and some loving."

And being the high point of someone's day.

Good work, Ma'am. TJ