Friday, November 11, 2011


Nearly every day you and I learn about cancer, the Big "C" whether we like it or not. It attacks and claims those we love. I know it causes me to shake my fist, not necessarily at GOD, but at the disease itself. A scourge that is only too familiar, and painful, and sad. There is a happy ending to match every tragic ending.

Last week I was worried sick over a friend who'd been told that she had uterine cancer. Lisa had surgery two days ago and received a good report that her cancer had not spread to any surrounding organs. Her prognosis looks good.
This week one of my Greenwood clients said that the doctors told her she had new cancer. She's been healed once and is believing for a miracle again.
Uncle Herman Fickes--Prostate Cancer. Herman is my husband's uncle.
Chrissy Titus--passed away after a long battle with stage 4 stomach cancer. May she rest in peace. Chrissy fought long and hard and was a good woman who helped to raise several children, one of them being my adopted daughter Erin Titus.
Jerry Rushing beat cancer twice. He is a godly man, father and husband to Luanne. We're life-long friends and rejoice that he is still around.
Diane--my own mother is a breast cancer survivor. Radiation treatments were brutal for her. I love her bunches. I need her to be around for a long time.
Aunt Jean--cancer that resulted in a hysterectomy by age 30.
Grandma Garland--stomach and esophageal cancer. God bless her. We all miss her so much to this day!
Aunt Janet--rare blood cancer. Alive and well and her hair has grown back.
Susan Fritz--best hairdresser in all of Pennsylvania beat breast cancer and opted for mastectomy. Wow and seriously, I call her the Hair Goddess.
Cameron B, Shelly's husband. Police Officer, father of two. Gone. His life lives on but his loss leaves a gaping hole for the Crutcher family. I only met him once. To you Cam.
And one more, Dawn Stufflet's sister--Gone too young.

I am never going to be able to name all of the people I've known or know who have faced this disease but honestly some weeks it feels like it's always Cancer Awareness Week, ya know? I'm writing this to say, Cancer sucks, and it hurts and it is wonderful when prayer and chemo and radiation work in tandem. Miracles and stories of healing keep me going. So, here's to all of those, more than I can name who fought the fight, who are in the fight. You are heroes in my eyes.

If you want to add to this list, feel free to do so. I'd love to hear your stories of courage and triumph and tears. My heart goes out to you.

Until next time...Breathe and be thankful for breath and life and loved ones.

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