Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She sucks it up and buys KEENS!

KEENS are notoriously famous with the hiking, canoeing, kayaking crowd. My husband owns several pairs and I swore I'd never buy any due to the fact that I am not a hard-core, weekend warrior. KEEN philosophy began with the challenge, "Can sandals protect the toes?" Deep down I've always avoided the brand because I like to set my tootsies free in a great pair of flip-flops. And honestly, I've always thought they were rather goofy looking, to the point of being gooberish.

But in preparing for Kenya, I needed to protect my feet while keeping them cool. We will be walking around in the slums of Mathare, coming into contact with trash, animals,debris, re-bar and scrap metal.

Initially, I saw buying myself a new pair of Teva sandals or perhaps Nike running sandals...until the shoe dude at the outdoor shop began extolling the virtues of Keens. Reluctantly, I agreed to try on a pair. Shoe dude went so far as to say they would be the perfect shoe for exploring Kenya.

I hereby admit I am now a member of KEEN nation. On one hand, I feel a bit goofy. On the other hand, I have perhaps embraced a new "coolness" factor. Hey Kenya, happy & well-protected feet are coming your way!

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