Monday, August 30, 2010

Kenya Packing List A to Z

Remember the childhood game, "Grandma's going on Vacation and in her suitcase, she packed?"

A--Anti-nausea med
B--Bible, Baby powder & Body wash, Binoculars
C--Cardigan & Camera
D--Driver's License, deodorant
E--Erin's perfume collection!
F--Flashlight, Filtration water bottle, flipflops
G--Granola bars
H--Hairspray, Hand Sanitizer, Hat
I--iPod & Imodium
J--Jeans, Journal
K--Keens to protect my feet
L--Lollipops for the children
M--Money for souvenirs
N--90 pounds of extra baggage for Beth & Erin
O--Off aka mosquito repellent
P--Passport, pj's, Pepto-bismol
Q--Quick drying underwear!
R--Rain slicker
S--Sunscreen, skirt
T--T-shirts and a lot of toilet paper for the "long drop"
V--Video camera
X--Xtra gum
Y--Yellow Fever vaccinations
Z--Zebra food??

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