Monday, April 5, 2010

Klutzy moments

Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine and temps in the 80's. Yesterday was also a very klutzy day in the Z house. I managed to knock a good bottle of red wine off the granite counter without breaking the bottle. I did however spill about 4 ounces of red wine onto my new bamboo flooring. Should I mention that the bamboo flooring is green and therefore does not have a high gloss poly sheen on it so the bottle left a dent and the wine was absorbed into the wood? After 15 minutes of cleaning the floor, wiping down the cabinets and everything that had been sprayed, we had another spill on our hands...or rather on our floor.

Only 2 feet away sat a cutting board with meat juices on it. At some point during our meal, the excess meat juices drizzled down the front of another section of cabinets and onto the floor. I had nothing to do with this fiasco; it was merely an accident. Nothing had been bumped, dropped or drizzled on purpose. The juices merely ran their course. 20 paper towels later we'd had enough fun for one evening.
Tonight is leftover night and we are considering eating over the sink to be on the safe side.

P.S. My husband lovingly reminded me that I also walked into the treadmill we'd put in the bedroom (on my side of the bed) later that same evening.

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The Swell Guy said...

You did not mention walking into the treadmill! LY!