Friday, December 11, 2009

The Throne

Airport bathrooms are nasty. Germs abound and I for one don't want to touch the toilet seat. Thus we women squat, while you men get to stand. So not fair. But there is a new invention out there that may be comforting to some women on occasion. It's called the Sani-Seat, the Hygienic Toilet Seat System. After all, "It's an established fact that people are afraid to sit on public toilet seats," states the maker of this product. I discovered the Sani-Seat in the Chicago airport and was impressed.

A long sheet of plastic wrap covers your seat and is automatically changed when you wave your hand in front of a sensor. My questions are as follows: Where does your used plastic wrap go when you leave the bathroom? Is it recycled or sterilized for the next end user? Is each individual guaranteed a clean throne to sit on? All you see is that it goes behind the wall of the toilet. Hmm.

Go to this website for more information. I like the idea, but somehow I'm still afraid of public toilets. I realize "The Sign" says that the old plastic cover is destroyed and NEVER used again. I still want to know exactly where the plastic film goes and how it is destroyed. My fear is that it runs on a continuous 20 foot loop and is never really changed. Nah, I don't really want to know and neither do you my friends. But hey, the sign is also bilingual; I mean, how cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

It's just a shell game. You're right to worry. Rumor has it these toilets come in pairs; the other one being set up on the opposite side of the wall (i.e., the men's room). But you didn't hear it from me. --m