Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going to KENYA

I'm living out my dreams and fears this year and in 2010. As many of you know our daughters Bethany & Erin Titus (aka, Chancho, Ziegler daughter #2) are going back to Nairobi, Kenya in January for a one year internship. While there, the girls will work on revamping the child sponsorship program of CMF. Yes, we are letting our girls go for one year because they are being called to Kenya for a very specific mission. And yes as parents we will miss them terribly and pray for them to be used in a mighty way. Here's the thing, Allen & I plan to visit them in Kenya in the spring of 2010 for approximately ten days, maybe more. We covet your prayers as we make plans to go, to get all of the immunizations required for such a trip. We are sure it will be the experience of a lifetime... I am afraid of malaria, unsanitary conditions, goat stew and the smell of waste. But I am so looking forward to meeting Mary, Wallace, Keith & Kathy Hamm (missionaries) and my new friend Virginiah who works at the Hope Center. I cannot wait to fall in love with the children of Kenya, so please pray with us as we begin our journey to a beautiful place where GOD is big and my fears are small.
In his service,

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Chris Cep said...

That's awesome Denine! I'll be praying for you.