Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my quest for a spiritual attitude

There is so much to living this spiritual life. So many disciplines we can embrace or discard. As I seek to draw closer to the heart of my savior, it becomes increasingly important to check my attitudes, my thoughts, and my desires. Doing this is never easy or enjoyable but is a worthy, noble goal.
In reading "everyday simplicity" by Robert J. Wicks, I discover 3 principles for carving out a deeper spiritual life.
  1. Nourish a spiritual attitude underlying all of life which enables me to view everything---including my sufferings and confusion---in a way that deepens me (us) and makes life more meaningful.
  2. Design "a little rule" of prayer so I can find and nurture a refreshing, renewing place within to be intimate with God;
  3. Learn how to share myself (ourselves) with others in a compassionate way that mysteriously feeds and enlivens me (us) rather than depleting me or making me feel overburdened and resentful.

This is where I find myself today in my spiritual journey. I want to experience real faith, that is to breathe easily, have trust and to be free from fear. I desire a sense of freedom from brokenness, alienation, helplessness, anxiety. I also desire to offer others this same faith. So today I will breathe.

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The Swell Guy said...

Nice post! Keep writing. LY-AL