Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a Virgo but I'm also...

While shopping in downtown Greenville I bought myself a magnet describing my zodiac sign (Virgo) and the supposed negative qualities I possess. Being a Virgo simply means I was born between August 24th and September 23. I don't like the sound of the negative adjectives used to describe me and my fellow Virgos. Virgoes?

A Virgo is the Virgin. Whatever. She is overcritical. Fussy. Pedantic. Indecisive. Shrewd. Annoying. Bi#@chy. Always complaining. Who me? Anal-retentive. Hmmm. And the top 3 words used to describe us are and I quote, "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE and ARGUMENTATIVE. Now wait just a bleeping minute here. I think that I object to many of these words. After all, wouldn't you? This is certainly not a complimentary list in my opinion. What about all of the positive, constructive we possess? Then it hit me. There must be another magnet out there, a positive magnet for a Virgo. Behold my other half.
Observant. Dedicated. Sympathetic. Creative. Organized (not very often). Reliable. Analytical. Kind. Sensual. Efficient. Witty. I do like that one. Helpful. Charming. Thoughtful. Industrious. Compassionate and the winningest title, *Sexy as Hell.*

As one who does not read my horoscope or follow astrology, I can probably just say goodbye for now. I guess its not all bad being a Virgo. Until next time, breathe.

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Sol said...

i think being a virgo is good in it's own ways. i mean we have a lot of positive traits too.