Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Man I Feel Like a Woman!

Man have I felt like a woman these past 2 weeks. I've cried tears of joy, tears of confusion and tears of pain. While we have Shania Twain to thank for this karaoke phrase, it's been my experience that "men" know very little about us women folk. I feel more like Lucy here rather than the gorgeous Shania when I do cry cos once I start, I can't seem to stop the floodgates. My eyes become puffy and red and I can't even breathe out of my nose.
Does a man truly understand this female (and sometimes hormonal) phenomenon? Somehow I don't think they do. Case in point, I posted this phrase on my FB update and received 2 comments from men. One kind soul replied, "Woooohooo!" Come again? And the second male wrote, "Way to go swell guy." As if my husband was responsible for making ME feel like a WOMAN! Thankfully, one of my girlfriends understood where I was going with all this Shania emotion. I'd had a few physically painful days and was merely venting my frustration over this. I was also sad to say goodbye to my family as they returned to Pittsburgh. And then I cried again while saying goodbye to my daughter as she drove back to college.
My girlfriend responded and I quote, "Why do you thing Z has anything to do with that??? She might have cramps or something. LOL
My husband tells me that he is trying to understand my torrent of emotions. He just does not have enough estrogen to get it right every time. So girls the next time you feel the tears welling up, grab your box of Kleenex, your nosespray and call me. Besides, men just like to take credit for everything, especially if it involves their baby Feeling Like a Woman.

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Anonymous said...

So when you feel great and you are happy I guess you feel like a man? On Mars if we didn't feel good we would say "Man I feel like dog____" and if we said "Man I feel like a Man" it would probably have something to do with sex or signing our first million dollar deal or something.