Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fight the Good Fight

President Elect Barack Obama is in. It's now official. It may not be the outcome you hoped for but I believe it must be part of God's bigger plan. Many, many Christ Followers stood in line to cast their votes and do their duty as American citizens. If we continue to follow Jesus and live daily for him, we must continue to pray for our country as never before. We must continue to pray for our new leaders, our President Elect, our local and state officials who were voted in.

Now is not the time to wallow in our loss, nor it is time to sit on our hands. If we want to see this country turned around, we cannot put our faith in any man, but in God. Man will let us down every time, but God is ever present. He remains our hope, our redeemer and our source of strength. America has asked for a king, just as the Israelites asked for a King when they took their eyes off of God. Remember it wasn't long, though, before the Hebrew people were tempted to be like those other nations and wanted a human king, one they could see and touch and worship. Something whispered inside the Israelites that they needed a king "to be like other nations"----a paralysis of faith and imagination. They still didn't get that they were to be a people "set apart" from the nations and from the patterns destroying them.

People, Jesus is my King. I hope He is yours.

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George Hege said...

Hey Denine:
Just wanted to let you know I stopped by and read your blog down through the 101 goals. Great stuff. Keep blogging. I'll get there with you someday :-)
Love you guys,