Thursday, September 25, 2008


Have you ever lost something for say 2 months only to have it magically reappear just as you are about to re-purchase that item? Or better yet, after you've bought a replacement? Well, this past February I took a trip to Hawaii with my husband. For this trip I packed my all important U2 iPod and a book entitled, "God's Blogs," by Lanny Donoho.

About a month ago my husband searched through a suitcase of ours and found my Ipod. I'm telling you I was sure the thing had been stolen from our swanky hotel room in Waikiki. That was also the last time I saw my devotional book. I was really bumming about losing the book, yet rejoicing over my newly found iPod. My friend Cindy and I happened to discuss devotionals and I mentioned my lost book. Cindy is a generous person and she gave me her copy of said book with the inscription, To Denine: Let the lost be found! Man I couldn't believe she'd done such a nice thing for me.

A week later my husband found my copy of the book while rooting through another suitcase. I'm beginning to think I've lost my mind at this point, not just my personal belongings. The following Sunday I re-gifted my book to Cindy at church. We had a good laugh, an over 40 laugh if you will. Below is an excerpt from God's Blogs. The subject is Laughter and here it goes:
I put laughter in your system to make you stronger and healthier and happier, and it is, as I have said before, a great medicine that gives life. And postpones death.

I created funny. I created laughter. I created the ideas behind funny words, like...juxtaposition and funny people and I did it all for You.

Life's too short there on earth to take everything too seriously. So...look around, lighten up. I wanna see you laugh. And when you do, I'll be laughing with you. GOD


The Swell Guy said...

I've lost plenty of things, but as long as I have you it's all good! LY!

Paula said...

Love the quote! I totally believe that about laughter, too -- and I'm convinced it's the secret to a good relationship with teenagers!!! When I'm being silly and laughing, I feel like I'm being more myself than at any other time. It is health and life-giving-- from the author of laughter!

Jahid Hasan said...

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