Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red dress, orange dress, brown dress??

Some of you know that Erin Titus, our unofficially adopted daughter...or should I say adopted daughter?..., is getting married on December 10th, 2011. Erin is marrying a fantastic man named Robert and their wedding will take place in Kenya (East Africa). So for the last month, I have been hyper-focused on finding the perfect dress to wear to this wedding that will fit in with the bride's color scheme of red, orange and brown. After all I'm an American girl, right? And the American girl has to be color-coordinated, right? Follow me if you will: I am attending a Kenyan wedding in an impoverished country. A country with next to no infrastructure. A country without running water, sewer hook-up or legal electricity. I am rather ashamed to admit the number of hours I have wasted pouring over websites and magazines looking for a dress with sleeves. You see, in Kenya, modesty is still a common courtesy for women of all ages. To wear a tank top or sleeveless dress without a shawl can be interpreted wrongly. And to my way of thinking, Erin's wedding is an important day, one that I don't want to mess up. But...but...I still want to look good if you know what I mean. Last week I ordered a tasteful, red dress from The price was great. The dress fits and and yet I surf the web again only to purchase an alternative dress. A girl's got to have options right? Like I really need options to visit a place like Kenya. Sigh... Fast forward to tonight when I am trying on the second dress I have ordered online for this occasion; the orange dress. The dress with a cap sleeve, fully covering all of my excess skin. Then it hits me squarely between the eye that I have been focused on style, and appearance and functionality. I have not been focused on Kenya, or on the simplicity of visiting a country that I love. I have not been focused on the joy of witnessing the union of two people that I really love. I have not been focused on Jesus. I have been an American woman, for all that it means and does not mean. I have been materialistic in my pursuit of Red dress, orange dress, brown dress. It was at that moment that I realized I already had something in the closet that would work just fine. A patterned red dress that just needs a simple shawl. Perfect. I can hardly wait for the next challenge for this upcoming journey... Until then...breathe Denine