Monday, April 11, 2011

feed me

Many of you know we have a 23 year-old daughter serving on the mission field in the slums of Mathare, outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Bethany took this picture on her first trip to Kenya in the summer of 2008. This photo represents how important it is to feed the hungry, clothe the needy and to care for the orphans whether they live in your hometown or thousands of miles away.

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Denine Z said...

After I posted this I realized how dogmatic I sounded. That was never my intention because I meant to say that it's a blessing to be able to feed someone who is hungry or to give them a cup of clean water. So many needs exist right here. Every day in Greenwood I encounter people walking on the side of the road who look like they could use a meal or warmer clothes.
Sometimes they simply need to be looked in the eye, to be valued as a human being. And in that moment, they are real to me and real to Jesus. That's what I think I should have shared in this post. Value those you see in need and then their needs become real. It's only then that I can even begin to take it to the next step.