Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lord, Save us from your Followers review

I love me some Jesus ya'll know I do. The problems I have occur when Christians give our neighbors who are lost or hurting real good reasons dislike us.

For example, we are continually viewed as judgmental and pretty often we just are.
We are viewed as not caring about the social issues that surround us like poverty, homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, peace, justice, etc. I could go on but won't for the sake of this movie review.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was the take on Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz Confessional Booth. In the movie Christians sat in a confessional and let non-believers walk in for a chat. The Christian apologized for hurts that may have been inflicted upon the confesse (many of which were gay or lesbian, or of other faiths), by Christians in general. The responses were amazing. It was as if no Christian had ever apologized to them for Gay Bashing, being hypocritical, intolerant of other beliefs. You get my drift here. Some were homeless and felt as if no one really cared or would even hug them on the street.

Some had never even had an open conversation and felt loved by a "Christian." Loved. Accepted for being a real human being with questions or needs. Isn't that what we all desire in our deepest soul? And isn't it up to us as those who know Jesus to demonstrate his love to our neighbors?

I'd add Red, Yellow, Black or White here too, because we are all precious in His sight. So, go to Netflix and rent the movie, or add it to your instant queue. It's an eye-opening documentary that reveals how we are perceived.


The Swell Guy said...

I highly recommend viewing and yes, the "Donald Miller Confessional" is a real highlight...and humbling.

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

This concept is similar to a book a fellow author wrote that my agent is representing, "There Would Be More Christians If It Wasn't for Us Christians." Thanks for sharing.